Meet Joan

Joan is our Branch Administator



Hi I’m Joan Waite the Branch Administrator,  I do the paperwork,  and over the last 30 years there has been quite a bit of it to do.  My Job description would include things like taking minutes of meetings, writing reports, organising events, filling in the mountains of forms for absolutely everything, keeping branch records, and answering questions on any topic you can think of and not necessarily to do with trade unions, answering the phone and making sure we stick to the mountains of rules that seem to be multiplying as we speak.

I work part time so you would think I have lots of spare time, ha! I wish. I am a member of a local amateur dramatic group (thankfully I work behind the scenes) and the family keep my husband and I pretty busy. Flexible working hours can be a curse as well as a blessing because, like the rest of our branch committee, we never seem to be ‘off duty’.

I have been involved with Unison since starting at North Eastern Gas when I was 16,  and no it wasn’t when we still had gas lights cheeky. I have seen the many changing faces of both British Gas and its many spin offs and Unison from its previous incarnation as Nalgo, Cosie and Nupie.  I am still loving every minutes of it and I believe we have a Unison branch to be proud of.