Mar 052014

Meet Steve

Steve is a UNISON representative within the Centrica employer of out branch. Here is a little bit more about Steve .


Name – Steve Robinson  

Where are you based:  NBH Centrica

Branch Position: Disabled Members Officer/ Steward

Why you became a Union Rep: To give something back, it’s important that members are aware of their rights relating to their employment and that they know that support networks that are there for them should they want it. I’m also passionate about rights for disabled workers.

Something interesting that people would not guess about you: Err that I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan!!

Little bit about you: I’m registered as severely sight impaired (blind) but I try not to let this stop me doing things. I’ve been interested in Unions since I attended my first union meeting whit my Grandfather when I was 4, he was the regional secretary for the old National League of the Blind and Disabled. Outside of work I enjoy listening to my talking book and support Leeds Rhinos. I also help raise money for charity through my love of Star Wars.



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