Sep 042012

There is a election to appoint a new Trustee Director of the Centrica Pension Plan. Yorkshire Gas Branch are supporting the nomination for Karl Whitehead-Ross and urge our Centrica members to support Karl using the election forms you will recieve in the post.

Karl Whitehead-Ross

Protect Your PensionI’m a UNISON Branch Secretary and a recently elected Councillor.

Although all Pension Trustees are required to undergo pension training, I too have actively kept updated with regular training to better equip me in supporting staff.

I believe in applying common sense and fairness in decision making. We all work hard for a decent pension and we should ensure we retain and secure our benefits for our future.

We need a scheme which better listens and communicates with members; a scheme which maximises returns with ethical investment strategies; and a scheme which can guarantee a decent pension throughout our retirement.

Safeguard your pension by placing me as your first preference. Vote for change and save your pension!


Centrica Pension Plan

The Centrica Pension Plan incorporates staff from sections previously in the Centrica Management Pension Scheme and Centrica Pension Plan 2008 Section (the latter transferred from the Centrica Pension Scheme from January 2009). The current schemes which exist are:

Centrica Pension Scheme (Closed – for those that were due to reach retirement age within 5 years from 2009)

Centrica Pension Plan (Closed to new staff – as above) CRIS (Closed to new staff)

CERIS (All new staff join this scheme) There is only one vacancy in this election and the term of office is for 3 years.

The method of vote is via single transferable vote. Anyone who doesn’t receive their ballot paper within 1 week should contact the Electoral Reform Service on 020 8889 9203

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