Aug 102011

Meet Nick

Nick is a UNISON representative within the Centrica  employer of out branch.  Here is a little bit more about Nick .










Name:  Nick Coyne

Branch Position:   Branch Treasurer & Labour Link Officer.

Where you’re based: Centrica, New Bridge House

Why you became a Union Rep:  To represent members who in the face of adversity from management and HR regarding issues like disciplinary, sickness, discrimination, etc have someone who ensures fair and equal representation and also that their employment rights are adhered to and not unnecessarily threatened.

Something interesting that people would not guess about you:  I like collecting film score music.

Little bit about you: I have been employed by British Gas for over 8 years and I’ve been a UNISON activist for over 8 years.  I am opposed to the deep and devastating austerity cuts being inflicted by a CON government, putting the poor and vulnerable into further poverty.

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