Member Education


In addition to our comprehensive programme of training courses for activists, over the years UNISON has developed a number of training initiatives for non-activist members. Some of these are for women members only but most are available to all non activist members. Many members who have successfully completed the training “want to give something back to UNISON” and go on to become active at branch, regional or national level. The range of training opportunities available to non-activist members is evolving all the time and detailed in this programme are those that will be available in 2015.

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YH Members Education Programme 2015

UNISON wants to help members realise their potential. Because we know how difficult it is to afford training and development at the moment, we offer financial support to members taking part in general non-vocational education, or in vocational education relevant to work in the public services, as well as learning discounts from a number of providers. We also offer grants to members studying on Trade Union and Labour Movement or Women’s Studies courses.

Support for learning

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