Aug 112011

Meet Melanie

Melanie is a UNISON Branch Chairperson who used to work within the Northern Gas Networks employer of out branch.  Here is a little bit more about Melanie .


Name – Melanie Starkey

Branch Position: Branch Chairperson

History – I was employed by British Gas North Eastern in 1990 – I joined the union as soon in 1992 (as a British Gas North Eastern Trainee I was not allowed to join).  Once I had passed my two year training course I was able to join the union and have been a member ever since.

Benefits of the union – I am a strong believer in the fair treatment of all workers and have found over the past 21 years of work that you are more likely to have this success with the help of a union.  The discounts on items such as Lightwater Valley, Doncaster Races, cheaper Insurance and Legal assistance on top off ensuring that our terms and conditions are maintained during our working lives.         

Training – Unison offers excellent training packages for both union reps and learning opportunities for members to provide us all with the appropriate skills that we need to undertake our roles.

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