Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a UNISON representative within the Centrica employer of out branch.  Here is a little bit more about Stephanie.


Name:  Stephanie Stoker

Branch Position: Branch Secretary, Communications Officer, Membership Officer, PR Officer, Welfare Officer

Where you’re based:  Union Office, Leeds NBH, British Gas & Canal Street British Gas

Why you became a Union Rep:  I became a Union Rep after going through the disciplinary process myself and experiencing the range of emotions it can cause and just how much more secure I felt having my Union Rep explain, help and support me through it.  I decided I wanted to help them do that for other people going through that.

Something interesting that people would not guess about you:   I am a PINTREST aholic

Little bit about you:

For those that know me it is easy to see that I Love the job I do and give it my all at each opportunity.  I suffer a bit with OCD when it comes to organising and planning which does tend to drive the other reps loopy.