Aug 102011

Meet Jenny

Jenny is a UNISON representative within the Centrica  employer of out branch.  Here is a little bit more about Jenny .









 Name:  Jenny Middleton

Branch Position:   Education Officer/ Energy Services Chairperson.

Where you’re based: Centrica, New Bridge House, Ground Floor South

Why you became a Union Rep:  Someone asked me and I thought I’d give it a go, being in a union is a bit like having insurance you never think you’ll need it but its nice to know that its there..

Something interesting that people would not guess about you:  I’m from Wales lol!

Little bit about you: Worked at British Gas for over 16 years, started when we were British Gas North Eastern and we did used a very old legacy billing system. Have worked in all different departments in British Gas including Customer Relations and Homemovers when it was still based in Leeds.  Now work as an expert in Probate/HEC team in Leeds.


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