Aug 112011

Meet Gavin

Gavin is a UNISON representative within the Centrica  employer of out branch.  Here is a little bit more about Gavin .








Name: Gavin

Branch Position: Recruitment officer/ Vice Chair/ National Rep BG

Where your based: New Bridge House

Why you became a Union Rep: To make sure people are treated fairly at work.

Something interesting that people would guess about you: I’m a quizmaster in the local pub.

Little bit about you : I’ve worked at BG for over 14 years and been a steward since 2013. I have a number of different roles within our branch as well as being a steward. I’ve been recruitment officer for 3 years, which means I run recruitment stalls and visit all of the groups of new starters into our office,  also vice chair for 2 years, which means I chair branch meetings when the chair is not available. I’m also the assistant health and safety officer, so I get to do site inspections for health and safety and assist if there are any incidents. I recently took on the National Officer Role within BG when Tina retired.  When I’m not helping people through the union I’m a team manager.


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