Oct 242012

22/10/12) UNISON is urging its members to sign a new petition calling on the government to debate the issues that are affecting those delivering and using public services, and working people in the broadest sense.

The government’s e-petition website provides a way of registering members of the public’s issues and demands. UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis urged UNISON members to sign the petition, saying: “If we can succeed in getting 100,000 people to sign our petition, MPs in the House of Commons are duty bound to consider holding a debate to discuss it.

“The marches that took place on 20 October were just one step in our campaign to end this government’s vicious assault on working people. As we continue to campaign for an end to the pay freeze, for a living wage for our lowest paid workers, against regional pay, attacks on facility time and against the wholesale privatisation of our public services this petition is one of the next steps.”

And he continued: “I urge all our members to sign it and to ask their friends, families and colleagues to sign it too.”

The petition, set up by UNISON’s Stockport branch secretary Angela Rayner, is called ‘Calling for a future that works’ and reads: “We call on the government to recognise that austerity isn’t working and to develop an alternative that will provide decent jobs, rising prosperity for all and maintain high quality public services.

“People across the UK face the steepest fall in living standards in living memory, long term unemployment, job insecurity and huge cuts to public services.

“We note that policies being pursued by the government to cut back spending are making matters worse – prolonging the economic crisis, hurting consumer confidence and resulting in higher borrowing. As such we call for the government to adopt an alternative approach that prioritises investment, growth and decent jobs, as well as measures to boost wages for households on low to middle incomes who continue to see their living standards squeezed.”

Link to another websiteSign the petition here .

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