Mar 062014

Meet Andy

Andy is one of our Branch Reps and is based within the Centrica employer of out branch. Here is a little bit more about Andy.


Name: Andy Fitzgerald

Branch Position: LGBT Officer / Health& Safety Officer/ Steward

Where you’re based: Centrica, New Bridge House

Why you became a Union Rep: I believe in fairness for all and can’t abide the bullying tactics used by some. Having experienced this in the past I decided to give back to the union by making myself available, to defend and advise in cases similar to my own, drawing on my own experience and others around me. However the decision was very much a spur of the moment thing, I was at the AGM at the Royal Armouries and was totally horrified when I read the report that the LGBT Community did not have a representative in our branch. I enquired about the role during the meeting and liked what I heard, put myself forward and was voted in live at that point.

Something interesting that people would not guess about you: I’m a big ole LEGO fan, I love the stuff and can sit there for hours putting things together, my latest couple of victories were the Lego Death Star, the Simpsons house and family, a VW Camper and Red 5 Xwing fighter

Little bit about you: I’m in my 9th year here and have worked in most departments throughout the years. I ‘m currently on specialist referrals which I love, its meaty and there is always something to get your teeth into.

If I won the millions lottery thingy I’d open a none kill animal shelter as I love animals, not in a Miss America kind of way but I can’t believe the mentality of people who abuse and torture animals. It’s the most despicable thing ever as these truly have no voice.

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