Jun 042015

Meet Ajaz

Ajaz is a UNISON representative within the Centrica employer of out branch. Here is a little bit more about Ajaz.


Name: Ajaz Qureshi

Branch Position: Steward/Customer Service Advisor

Where you’re based: British Gas Canal Street Leeds

Why you became a Union Rep: To help improve work relations between members and management  

Something interesting that people would not guess about you: Although I may not look it i have been married for 14 extremely happy years both my wife and I celebrate our birthdays on valentine’s day as our birthdays fall on the 11th /12th February.

Little bit about you: I enjoy playing football and in general all sporting activities and I like to get involved with my local youth club helping them organise and plan events and activates for the local youngsters.  I have two young children who keep me extremely focused and I believe this is reflected in my dedication and my performance.


 Posted by on 4th June 2015
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