Mar 062014

As a UNISON Branch we recognise that our members are key to our success and the more members we have the stronger your branch is.  Recruitment of new members is something that we should all take pride in doing and work together to make our branch as strong as it can be.

In 2014 we will be prioritising recruitment of new members and new stewards, as such we are offering a cash incentive to members who get a colleague to sign up to be a member. 

If you as a member convince a friend or colleague to sign up to become a unison member you will receive £10.00 reward once that person has completed 6 payment months with UNISON.

We are also looking for new stewards to join our dedicated team offering help and support to our members.  Each of our stewards receive full training and dedicated mentoring support to help you achieve your full potential.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in  and  you decide to become a steward then once you have complete a successful active year in post you will receive six months union subs refunded to you.

So what is stopping you! Get out there and talk about the benefits of being a UNISON member to your friends and encourage them to help make your branch stronger.


 Posted by on 6th March 2014
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